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The Polka Dot Trend

by Milana

A wise man said… “Fashion come and go, but style is forever.” 

No offense to the great Yves Saint Laurent, some fashion is here to stay. We call them classics. They may be old but each season, each year and each decade in some cases, they are reinvented because true fashion lives forever. Polka dot is more than just a print. Over the years, dots have been worn by the most iconic of women.

Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana… Polka dot was a wardrobe essential of women who not only knew how to dress but women who knew how to rule the world. Still is.

Polka dot: A symbol of female empowerment

It’s ladylike, demure, flirty and pretty – everything a woman should be. So it should come as no surprise that we continue to be inspired. The power of the polka dot has also recently seen a surge in one of fashion’s most glamorous arenas, the red carpet, as seen on the lovely Natalie Portman and the stunning Elizabeth Banks.

Will you embrace the polka trend this spring? P.S. Remember to check out Jolene’s amazing style at her blog StyleScraper!

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