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How Not To Look Like A Boring Secretary

by Milana

If you, like me, have a job that requires that you dress sophisticated and classically, you have probably experienced the dilemma; when are you business and when are you just plain boring?

I am 24 and work as a manager in a big company. At a meeting we discussed the signals we send out to our employees and were told that we need to dress “business”. So how do you manage not to lose your personal style and still dress business?

Outside work I like to wear outfits that are classy but still edgy with a splash of rock n’ roll. So when I go to work I like to wear a blazer for the sake of looking “business”.

Here is how you can rock business outfits

  • Instead of looking like an old fashioned secretary, I wear blazers that are shaped and detailed in stead of a regular black blazer.
  • I wear skinny black pants instead of regular wide leg pants.
  • I sometimes wear a pretty scarf to give the outfit an edgier and more modern look.
  • I wear high heels (no matter how much it hurts). Find a pair of black heels that you can walk in and be comfortable in. It doesn’t look good if you’re ¬†walking like a camel¬†by the end of the day.
  • I stay away from too many accessories, but usually wear one big. Like an oversized ring.


  • I almost never wear black pants, black blazer and a white shirt. With the blazer I wear a blouse or sometimes even a t-shirt. If I wear a white shirt, I don’t wear a blazer but a nice little cardigan or a vest. A white shirt can also be modernized with a big black belt.

Whatever your job is, unless you are forced to wear a uniform, you can incorporate and sneak in your own style into your job style. Remember to experiment and look at how you can modernize the classic looks.

Have a good day at work!

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