Jennifer Aniston’s Style & Why People Love It

by Milana

She is one of those girls that nearly everyone loves. She is the girl next door, sweet, natural, funny and she got┬ádumped for one of world’s most beautiful women. Her fashion style is often admired by many. But why? What is it that she does, that makes people so interested in the way she looks?

The characteristics of Jennifer’s style

Jennifer’s style can be characterized by following:

  • simple, casual and effortless
  • sporty, but elegant
  • tight, but not revealing
  • feminine, but not girly

Her outfits are never too busy as she stays away from layering. Her outfits consist only of a few items and her main accessory seems to be scarves. Her clothes are very tight, but she seldom reveals too much skin, which makes her very classy and elegant, but still very sexy.

The tight jeans and shirts, fitted jackets, and colourful scarves give her a modern and feminine, but at the same time sophisticated look, that any woman no matter what age can sport. Her style is timeless!

3 looks

It’s simple, recognizable, people identify with it and everyone can have that style no matter what age, income or profession.

So how do you get Jennifer Aniston’s style?

Here’s what you need to have in your wardrobe. I have chosen items in all price ranges to show that her style really is affordable. Items like jeans I would reccomend investing in, as better quality and design usually means better fit!

1. Straight and wide leg jeans – Jennifer really loves straight leg jeans and is rarely seen in skinny jeans. She still sports this style, even though most of us have moved on to the skinny jeans! Straight leg jeans will elongate your leg and make your hips look smaller in comparison to skinny jeans.


2. When it come to blouses, tops and cardigans stick to the basics to begin with. You’ll need at turtleneck, a white shirt and a cardigan along with regular t-shirts. Here are some examples of a classic white shirt, a short sleeved turtle neck and a simple cardigan:


3. You need a pencil skirt. If you’re not into skirts, get inspired by reading Get Over Your Skirt Phobia! :


4. Scarves are used as an accessory by Jennifer Aniston. I recommend buying some coloured scarves as the rest of the colour palette is mostly black, grey and white. Take your hair and eye colour into consideration when choosing a scarf.


5. You need to have one nicely fitted blazer in your wardrobe if you don’t have one already. Worn with a pair of jeans, a plain t-shirt and some high heels, you’re ready to go to any lunch date any day!


6. Little Black Dress. Jennifer uses the fitted dress both during the day and night. This kind of dress gives you a powerful, sophisticated and feminine look. Be inspired by beautiful dresses below…


7. High heels and boots. Jennifer loves looking tall and is almost always in high heels – who can blame her?! She also love classic tall boots. Here are some sophisticated and feminine shoes for every occasion.


8. One of Jennifer’s best features is her gorgeous hair – it always look healthy and radiant – to get hair looking like that, find a styler that’s perfect for your hair – I prefer ghd stylers.


Your Say…

There you have some fashion inspiration if you would like to have a style like Jennifer Aniston! What do you think of her style? Do you have a favorite look of hers? P.S. Join lots of other fashionable readers over on Facebook for more fashion tips and tricks and celebrity style by clicking on the link below!

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