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6 Ways To Create Your Own Personal Style

by Milana

Having a personal style doesn’t mean you have to look extravagant. If you look at the personal style fashion blogs of today, you’ll see that these days everyone seems to have the same personal style. They look great, but they also look unobtainable, maybe like the style of Blair Waldorf. We can get inspired by those, but we’ll never be able to imitate it, and why should we?

Find your own style that makes you you, not someone else. Here are five effective steps to creating your own style:

1. Be true to yourself

Yes, I would too like to dress like Kate Moss and have a rock star boyfriend as an accessory. But if you’re not in the 0,0001 % of the world’s population who are Kate Moss or Alexa Chung, and you have a job that doesn’t allow you to wear big sunglasses that hide the party circles under your eyes, you might consider how to incorporate the “I wish I had the style of…” with “This is me”. Now, experimenting is the key word.

2. Don’t be a sheep in life or in fashion

It is always nice to get inspired by celebrities, magazines etc., but once in the store, forget the exact outfit from the magazine (someone else or 500 others are already wearing it) and just remember the theme of the outfit. Make your own interpretation of the trend.

3. Never experiment five minutes before you head out the door

It never works and you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable. By experiment I mean wearing something you bought knowing that you’ll probably never wear it (Yes, we’ve all done it!).

4. Picture your outfit in your head the night before

It leaves you with extra time on your hands in a stressful morning that is not going to leave any time for being creative.

5. If purple is the colour of the season don’t go purple-crazy.

Have a scarf, a bag, some shoes or a hairband in that colour – don’t wear everything in purple just because someone says it’s hot!

6. That dress is so you!

Has anyone said that to you about an item you were wearing or looking at in a shop? If yes, that means that your style is recognizable. You maybe like certain colors, certain cuts, certain fabrics. You maybe prefer wearing dresses, lots of accessories and hats or you maybe love wearing colorful shoes or even mismatching socks! Who knows… All of these things make your style personal, so find your niche. Think about what it is that you love the most about fashion and work on that!

Now, what characterizes your personal style?

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