Buy A Gift For Your Mom – Just Because

by Milana

Most of us buy Christmas presents, birthday presents, Mother’s day presents and anniversary presents, but how about buying presents for no reason? How often do you buy gifts for someone for no reason? Just because you felt like showing a little love.

That said, you don’t have to spend money buying gifts to show love and appreciation, but if yourmom is anything like my mom, she would rather spend her money buying you presents, than buying things for herself. Once in a while, not too often, I buy a little something for her. Something I know she wouldn’t buy for herself. Here are 11 gifts for the moms – just because!


1. A beauty bag: always useful, and the one your mom has, she’s probably had for the last 10 years. It’s time for an update. Make it a fun, colorful one!

2. Hand cream: Especially during winter, our hands dry out, so this little thoughtful gift is perfect for any mom. Looking for quality? Choose an organic product!

3. A scarf is a great way to update any wardrobe. Buy your mom a colorful scarf that she can spice her outfit up with! (A personal favorite gift of mine for my mom)

4. A mascara. Maybe doesn’t even use make-up, but a mascara is something every woman should own, no matter how old. Buy her a quality mascara, that she can have until it dries out!

5. A new perfume. Who doesn’t love perfumes and smelling nice? Find something that you think suits her and that she will like – not necessarily something that you would buy for yourself.

6. An eye shadow palette. Again, maybe she never uses make up, but it’s always nice to have some natural eye shadow, in case a party comes up!

7. Tickets to an event, a concert, a play, a movie. Something you two can do together. My mom and I go to the movies, whenever there’s a ‘chick-flick’ we want to see. One of the latest ones we saw was Eat, Pray, Love.

8. Slippers may seem a little boring, but a pair of solid, trendy slippers is something we all appreciate during winter!

9. Body wash. One can never get enough of an organic body wash to make the skin glow!

10. A new handbag… Just like with the make up bag, your mom probably doesn’t change her handbag all the time, like you do. Give her some more options by buying  a cute handbag!

11. Flowers are always a nice way to brighten your mom’s day –  put them into a vase and place them on the table for your mom to see when she walks into the door!

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