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3 Ways To Look Good While Working Out

by Milana

Working out is the new black! I love working out and I do it regularly. That’s the situation today, but it has taken me a long time to become ”addicted” to going to the gym.

For me, being motivated to go to the gym can sometimes go hand in hand with having the right equipment – and I don’t mean work-out machines – I mean serious business like shoes, tops, bags, water bottles and so on!

The most important thing when you’re working out is:

  • That you’re comfortable - There’s nothing worse than your shirt crawling up, your shoes squeezing your feet or your sports bra being too big and not at all supportive! It’s important to make sure that all of these things are perfect, in order to be able to focus on having a good workout.

Here are some things that will make your work-out just a little bit easier and fun and help you look good, even though you’re sweating!

3 great ways to work out

Here are three of my favorite work-outs; Yoga (for lean muscles), Step (for a slim body) and running (for a great fitness)!


If your serious about working out and maybe some special work-out programs and techniques, make sure you have the right shoes and clothes. For instance, Yoga pants differ a lot from running pants, even though they might look like each other. If you’re a Yoga lover, make sure you have your own Yoga mat – it’s just more hygienic.


Bodystep is one of my favorite workouts – you burn a lot of fat and you get some great looking muscles! Make sure you have the right gymnastics shoes on – if you’re wearing running shoes, youor legs will get too tired from all the jumping. Also, a wristband is a good idea – you’ll sweat a lot and it’s always great to be able to easily wipe the sweat off while you’re jumping, dancing or whatever you might be put through in a Bodystep class.


Running…Hmm… Something I’m trying so hard to love! I’ve never been a good runner. I simply couldn’t run – my legs started hurting after I ran for 5 minutes. I then got some Nike Shox (picture above) and lo and behold – those shoes do half the work! So it’s super important to have the right running shoes. Make sure you have a running watch too, so you can keep track of time and your heart rate. For running, I prefer capris.

Hair at the gym

This is your chance to sport an Anna Kournikova hair-do. Pull your hair back and braid it. It will not get in your way and it will be a lot easer to move around without hair in your face!

Make-up at the gym

I don’t know about you, but to me, there’s just something wrong about seeing a woman in full make-up at the gym. It’s not sexy – it’s actually pretty weird.┬áBe cool and stay away from make-up at the gym – you’re there to work hard – your make-up will melt and you will without a doubt end up looking worse than if you didn’t have any make-up on!

What about you ladies? Do you work out?

Any work-out tips and trips when it comes to outfits?

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