Sangria might be a drink of summer, but I love it so much that I made it with my brother during Christmas holidays which we spent at our parents’ home. Sangria is the healthy choice, when it comes to pretty drinks. There is no sugar and no artificial ingredients, in this version at least. And it’s very tasty! Do you drink sangria? Have you every tried to make it? If not, maybe you should check out the recipe below!


It’s cold and grey and all I want to do is wear chunky knits and comfy outfits! This outfit is great for both work and pleasure and can easily be styled in different ways changing the knit out for a blazer og the flats for a pair of heels!

shoesAs I’ve written earlier, these months are devoted to fitness in which case I bought new Nikes (by far my favorite shoes right now) which made my boyfriend want a pair of new shoes as well. Although I just got lovely new trainers from Nike I’ve been eyeing a lot of classic basketball trainers – basketball trainers are very in at the moment. I keep seeing these really cute Jordan trainers for girls in the stores, much to my boyfriend’s dismay, because apparently the girls version is everywhere – the boys version is not.



My boyfriend has been talking, a lot, about these new trainers from Nike called Flight 13. Above are the girl versions of the trainers… Very girly, but can be styled nicely – especially for summer!

shoesSo, being the caring girlfriend that I am ;), I decided to surprise my boyfriend with a pair of these trainers. He has been talking about Nike Flight 13 which are a new version of some classic trainers from way back in the 80′s – who knows, he’s been talking about these things non-stop lately. I get very excited when I buy gifts for loved-ones, so I was looking forward to surprising my boyfriend with a pair of very cool high-top trainers. When he got them he was out of this world happy and so was I!


This pair is the old version, which would go so nicely with a more elegant dress and a denim jacket!

What’s your take on classic trainers? Do you have any? Please share :)

Have you ever found yourself missing something while out? Or having sore feet? Or needing concealer? Here are five things that will always come in handy while out for the day. So if it turns out that you’ll need to take your look from day to night and fix your makeup, you’ll be ready.

A beauty bag

Your beauty routine will decide what goes into your beauty bag, but keep it small and to a minimum. However, almost all women would benefit from having a concealer, mascara, blush and a lip gloss or lipstick in their beauty bag. All these will easily freshen up your make-up and all depending on where you’re headed take your look from day to night. A great way to freshen up is to let your hair down and run your fingers through it, if it was pulled up to start with.

Extra jewelry

This is one of the best tips I’ve heard of personally. Having a statement necklace, a decorative headband, a pair of festive earrings or a few statement rings can take your look from casual to elegant in no time.

Deodorant /Perfume

This one needs no further explanation. You can try to find these in small bottles so they don’t take up space in your handbag. Don’t go overboard and use the same perfume that you put on before you left home – if that’s not possible, only refresh with deodorant.

A pair of flats

Whether you’ve been wearing heels or flats, a change of shoes comes in handy after some hours in the same shoes. The feet feel relief as soon as they change the shoe, so carrying a pair of small flats is no big deal as they weigh nothing and don’t take up too much space.

A scarf

If you get cold or want to freshen up your look a scarf is a great way to do so. Make sure you have a scarf that is neutral and will go with practically any outfit. A scarf can dress up or dress down any outfit and is a nice addition – during fall especially.

What do you always carry in your handbag?