Boyfriend jeans are one of those fashion items that never go out of style. At the same time, they are an item that can be hard to style. The great thing about boyfriend jeans is that, while they have a relaxing fit, they can easily be taken from day to night and add a bit of edge to your outfit and make your elegant and classic look more fun and trendy. Wear them with heels, flats or booties – boyfriend jeans are a versatile modern classic perfect for spring time. Here are three ways to style boyfriend jeans!


Boyfriend jeans in the picture are from Rag & Bone

Look 1 – Relaxed & Edgy

A relaxed and informal look perfect for the lazy days where you still want to look and feel good. A leather jacket is a must in every woman’s wardrobe, if you ask me, and in order to keep the look, which consists of two other masculine elements {Converse and boyfriend jeans} from becoming too butch, I would add a feminine, colourful statement necklace. Think: Alexa Chung

Look 2 – Elegant & Effortless

A tailored suit jacket worn with a loose blouse and boyfriend jeans along with dainty heels is a great look for evening that will have you looking and feeling chic, without over-doing it. Perfect for a first date or informal dinner with friends. The mixture of prints {stripes and animal} gives the look a fun feel, while the blazer and the heels take it from day to evening in an instant! Think: Jennifer Aniston

Look 3 – Sporty & Timeless

A classic jeans and a t-shirt that is trendy and timeless all at the same time. Pairing your boyfriend jeans with a pair of tan booties and an army jacket gives you a sporty and classic look that’s effortless and put together. Perfect for a Sunday stroll grabbing brunch from your favorite café! Think: Diane Kruger

Which look would you wear? And what are your best boyfriend-jeans tips?

When I was a kid I didn’t like cake – a sentiment that’s very far away from me today. If I could, I would eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but in a constant quest for a healthy lifestyle, I try to keep my sweet tooth on the leash. I enjoy baking and cooking, which makes it hard not to over-indulge, which is why I try to experiment with desserts that are low carb and without added sugar. The latest recipe I’ve experimented with is for these delicious low carb rum balls. The consistency turned out to be near perfection and while it’s based on dried fruit, the taste of the rum is dominant, without overpowering the other flavours. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.23.23

When it comes to desserts, people are often scared when you talk about sugar-free, natural or raw alternatives. I therefore don’t like to call my ”alternatives” alternatives – for me, they’re the real deal, in a better version. While they taste as good as traditional rum balls, they are light and will not drag your energy level down and you can enjoy them without feeling guilty. What’s not to like?




Marc by Marc Jacobs

In April I travelled to the US – my home away from home, I’d like to think of it as. It surely feels like that. So far, I’ve visited the States three time – first two times the trip went to the east coast. More precisely New York and Washington D.C. I loved every moment of it and each time I felt a sadness boarding the plane back to Europe. This year, I visited the west coast for the first time, when my boyfriend and I went on a two-week road trip in California, Arizona and Nevada starting and ending with L.A. Just writing about it makes me excited and remember all the fun things we saw and experienced!

These catty shades were the perfect accessory for the road trip. I love the catty eye look and although I play it quite safe when it comes to clothes (meaning I stick to minimalistic looks and prefer greys and blacks to color), I like to spice things up using fun shades. These are the perfect contrast to a leather jacket and a pair of ripped jeans – taking the glamour with me to Hollywood! 

Do you like them?

Recipes: Sangria

by Milana

Sangria might be a drink of summer, but I love it so much that I made it with my brother during Christmas holidays which we spent at our parents’ home. Sangria is the healthy choice, when it comes to pretty drinks. There is no sugar and no artificial ingredients, in this version at least. And it’s very tasty! Do you drink sangria? Have you every tried to make it? If not, maybe you should check out the recipe below!